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Holy Family Catholic church

Text Box: 	Services:
Sunday Mass  8:30 a.m.
Domingo: Misa en Espanol  5:00 p.m.
Wednesday Rosary 5:10 p.m.
Wednesday Mass:  5:30 p.m.
 1st Friday Mass:   5:30 pm  Dinner afterward
Text Box: New Year Mass 8:30am Participant Schedule
August 3, 2014
Ushers: 覧覧覧覧  Elizabeth Compton  & Fay Fitzpatrick 
Lectors: 覧覧覧覧 Anna Breeding -  Peter Norum
Prayer of The Faithful: - John Wezet 
Communion Ministers:  Sara Silva  - Beverly Glaser
Altar Servers: 覧覧- Ethan Keene  Leanne Bilbrey
Counters: 覧覧覧- Leanne Bilbrey & Jennifer McPherson 
Text Box: 	Up the Road in 2014
July 27-2014 -Parish Council Meeting @ 6:30PM
July 28  2014  Finance Committee Meeting  6:30PM
July 28  2014  Prayer Group in the Square  9:00PM
July 302014祐pecial Mass W/the Sacrament of the Sick 11:00am lunch to follow
August 10-2014揖nights of Columbus Meeting 12:00 Noon In Church
August 23  2014  Parish Picnic @ Pavilion
Sept 11, 12  2014  Holy Family Ministries  Annual Yard Sale - Items can be dropped off anytime at the Church.

This Week Mass Schedules  


Sunday  Jnly 27 8:30 AM     17 Sunday of Ordinary Times

5:00 PM Misa en Espanol

Wed  July 30 11:00 AM Sacrament of the sick (Lunch to Follow)

5:00 PM   Rosary

Friday Aug 1 3:00 PM Devine Chaplet

5:30 PM Mass - Dinner to Follow

Sunday Aug 3   8:30 AM     16 Sunday of Ordinary Times

                                    5:00 PM     Misa en Espanol


Devine Savior in Celina - Mass Every Saturday at 5:00PM


Text Box: Sunday Mass 8:30am Participant Schedule 
July  27, 2014
Ushers: 覧覧覧覧  Trace McPherson & Amy Bowlds
Lectors: 覧覧覧覧 Jackie Cook & Shawn Carter
Prayer of The Faithful: - Tracy Hackert
Communion Ministers:  Jennifer McPherson & Deann Claude 
Altar Servers: 覧覧- Daniel Baxley & Emma Claude
Counters: 覧覧覧- Danielle Baxley & Frank Landry
Text Box: Sunday Mass 8:30am Participant Schedule 
August 10, 2014
Ushers: 覧覧覧覧  Anna & Charles Breeding 
Lectors: 覧覧覧覧 John Wezet & Cris Fessenden
Prayer of The Faithful: - Jeannine Deckart 
Communion Ministers:  Leanne & Terry Bilbrey 
Altar Servers: 覧覧- Danielle baxley & Fay Fitzpatrick 
Counters: 覧覧覧- Carl Rasmussen & Fay Fitzpatrick